Maps of Linda Vista

Our maps provide a clear visualization as to what types of resources are available in Linda Vista, and where they are located. The full list of organizations currently supporting homelessness needs in Linda Vista is also detailed below.

Canyon Ridge Baptist Church

Offers food support and organizes community outreach activities.

County of SD Health & Human Services Agency

Offers health and social services to promote wellness, self-sufficiency, and a better quality of life.

Ebenezer Church SD

Provides food, housing, as well as behavioral & mental health support.

Jacobs & Cushman SD Food Bank

Part of the largest hunger relief organization in the SD county.

Legal Aid Society of SD

Provides free legal aid regarding behavorial health problems.

Linda Vista Planning Group

Focuses on long-term growth in SD and community outreach.

Linda Vista Town Council

Encourages community involvement through outreach.

McAlister Institute

Provides a comprehensive range of substance abuse treatment, recovery & supportive services.

Porchlight Community Services Inc.

Rescue food and re-distribute it to those in need.

SD Center for Children

Creates awareness and provides support regarding behavioral health in children.

SD Cooperative Charter School

Provides basic food support to the SD community, as well as grocery gift cards & holiday meals.

SD County Farm Bureau

Engages in community outreach and supports local farms who donate produce.

SD County Office of Education

Provides food support & outreaches to the community.

SD County Office of Education, Juvenile Court & Community Schools

Provides education to compromised indivudals in SD.

SD Fire Department

Provides behavioral & mental health support and encourages community outreach.

SD Police Department

Assists with domestical violence and finding alternative housing.

SD Youth Services

Assists with housing, foster care, mental & behavorial health, and rehabilitation support for youth.

The Salvation Army Door of Hope

Offers housing alternatives and domestic violence support.

University of San Diego

Provides housing support and seeks to improve the issue of homelessness in SD.

USD Food Pantry and Torero Closet

Supports students who struggle with food insecurity.

Torero Renaissance Scholars

Provides support and resources to former foster youth, students who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

Key Areas Supported by These Organizations

Food Support

Behavioral & Mental Health Support

Housing Support

Community Outreach