Learn more about the Linda Vista Homeless Community

Unsheltered individuals share their experiences below in regards to their personal background and history. The top three events commonly experienced were trauma, substance addiction, and challenges associated with securing stable housing and employment after incarceration.


76% of homeless individuals experience trauma

This occurs in the form of abuse and violence and/or loss of a primary partner/caregiver/support system. Within this group, 24% reported experiencing childhood abuse and 18% specifically reported domestic violence as a cause of homelessness.

Substance Addiction

35% say that they are recovering from substance addiction

For those battling homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness, recovery may be a low priority compared to accessing food and shelter. At least 50-70% of people who are homeless with a serious and persistent mental illness also suffer from addiction.


24% struggle with securing housing/employment after being incarcerated

Community re-integration can be difficult for those who have been formerly incarcerated. It has been shown that those who have been incarcerated are almost ten times more likely to be homeless than the general public.