Community Casa’s mission is to tackle homelessness and food insecurity in the Linda Vista community of San Diego, California.

Through research and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we seek to investigate and present capacity-building and partnership opportunities within our community to better serve those in need. Community Casa serves as an interactive hub that provides community-driven, public access to data, maps, and other relevant information related to homelessness resources in the Linda Vista area. We are committed to equipping stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary for effectively addressing homelessness at the hyperlocal level.

We envision Community Casa as a home for individuals, organizations, and policymakers seeking to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness and its harms. We believe that addressing complex systemic issues will require leveraging strengths and understanding gaps within local communities, and most of all amplifying the voices of those who need to be heard most. We are dedicated to developing collaborative, trauma-informed solutions that respond to the needs of every individual.

Facing a Humanitarian Issue at the Local Level

Over half a million people experience homelessness on a single night in the United States. Research shows that San Diego County has the fourth-largest population of persons experiencing homelessness in the entire nation. In 2019, San Diego’s We All Count results show that at the very minimum, 8,102 San Diego residents experience homelessness on any given night, with 4,476 in shelters and 3,626 without shelter. Homelessness is a public health issue that is prevalent throughout all regions of San Diego County, with 40% of people experiencing homelessness found outside of the City of San Diego.

What do we focus on?

Our research has shown that the following areas are most in need of support within the Linda Vista homeless community.


Mapping & examining the feasibility of additional shelter options


Advocating for basic hygiene needs

Mental Health

Connecting behavioral & mental health experts with individuals in need


Linking food assistance providers with communities & exploring food waste diversion strategies

Education & Employment

Investigating transitional employment opportunities

Substance Abuse

Advocating for integrated healthcare programs & community-based public safety solutions